Company services

MIDAS AO is the proven leader in the North-West transportation and logistics market while offering our clients professional approach to delivering freight.

Freight delivery services to Scandinavian countries and Baltic States is our main field of work.

Our goal is to provide delivery of your freight safely. We value our clients and we always seek to improve our services by studying and predicting every client’s demands.

Here in MIDAS we pay much attention to technical conditions of our fleet; all of our drivers are licensed professionals, so we guarantee safety of our services. Our vehicles regularly pass necessary maintenance procedures, all of them are equipped with modern communication devices which allows real time route monitoring from loading to final delivery.

Team of professionals ensures quality personnel selection and education. All of our drivers are top level experts with at least five years of professional working experience.

Our products and services

Transportation services

Auto haulers


Container and high capacity cargo


Covered wagon semitrailers


Transportation of dangerous goods


Car service


Freight forwarding


Customs clearance


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